We see art as the face of culture and a gateway to innovation. We craft individualized travel experiences aimed to unlock doors of understanding and individual capabilities through hands on art making and learning.

Art and Ecology Program in Iceland:

Our program in South Iceland is situated in a town called Hveragerði, world famous for its geothermal hot river and hot springs. Based on our principles of experiential education, arts immersion, and living close to nature we will co-create a short documentary about the area. South Iceland’s charm lies in its many large and impressive waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs and unique geology. It is the world leader in sustainable energy development, where 85% of total primary energy supply is derived from domestically produced renewable energy sources.

Our staff has over 15 years of experience leading arts and nature programs in this land of fire and ice. Students will learn about Iceland’s sustainability initiatives and ecosystems, and have the opportunity to work one on one with local renowned artists in a highly unique art and ecology immersion program. Arts workshops include digital photography, film-making, visual arts including found object art, and creative writing, as well as creating a small documentary project with the students about their experience. Up to 40 hours of community service working in Iceland’s geothermally heated greenhouses will be offered as well. See our Summer Program in Iceland for more information.

French Language, Art, and Culture Immersion Program in Provence:

For the past 18 years the Barat Foundation has been taking students from all over the world to Provence, South of France to study culture, French language, agriculture, and art. Provence is knowns for its art history, rich cuisine, architecture, and surrounding nature. It is our oldest program, and has hundreds of alumni as well as more than 200 students who have received scholarships. Their lives have been transformed as a result of their experience living and working together as an extended family with international students, professors, and artists. The program includes individualized workshops in Photography, Studio Arts, Theatre, Music, Video, Film, Dance, Creative Writing, French Cuisine, fashion, and French Language immersion, where the students will have 10 hours of structural conversational French classes a week. Along with creating a mini documentary at their stay in Provence. Last year students helped create an a Cicada sculpture, which is a symbol of Provence. In addition, we offer up to 40 hours of community service hours to students interested in helping with farm and agricultural life, honey-making and teaching English to French children. See our Summer Program in Provence for more information.